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Break Bones (Hacksaw) – BetMGM


Dripping paint graffiti in neon colors suggests an urban landscape and conjures up skater park style, grunge and the punk movement. Each skull symbol takes on a neon hue and is shown from a different angle, suggesting X-ray shots. The skeletal hand and bones fashioned into a W for the wild symbol are mildly scary but not enough to put off someone looking to play a fun slot jackpot. The music is slightly hypnotic house beats, contributing to this game’s overall modern vibe.


The Wild Multiplier lands randomly in the base game and offers multipliers of anything from 2x-100x. Certain combos increase the multiplier by adding to the Global Multiplier at the top of the reels.

Echo Spins happen when the skeleton hand appears, and it will give the player 1–5 echo spins, which are a replay of the triggering spin combination. If you land any wild multipliers during the Echo Spin game, these are added to the Global Multiplier that’s reset at the end of this phase.

The slots bonus game requires players to land three bonus symbols and rewards them with 10 free spins. In the free spins game, there’s a better chance of landing the skeleton hand and Echo Spins than in the base game, so there are more chances to win.

The Bonus Buy option is not always present throughout the game, but when it appears, it will cost players 80x their stake. The Bonus Buy option takes the game’s RTP to 96.34% — which, if you’re a casino online betting person, you’ll know is a decent return.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Worry not — the game isn’t just about broken bones. The number 3 features heavily in the reel format, winning combinations, and payout. The maximum win with Break Bones is a very decent 3,333x, so it’s worth choosing slots over table games here if you’re feeling lucky.

The slots bonus options on the Wild Multiplier, Global Multiplier and Echo Spins are all great features and increase the winning potential of this game.

Similar Games

The Hacksaw studio is good at the Break Bones kind of postmodern, quirky style of game. So, if you feel like leaving casino table games aside for a while, there are plenty of jackpot slots in their stable to keep you busy. For off-beat themes, try Fred’s Food Truck, Vending Machine or Chaos Crew. And if the echo spins mechanism is something you enjoy, there’s Itero Echo Spins, also from Hacksaw, or if you’re just a punk at heart, there’s Casino Punks.

Have Fun at BetMGM (Without Breaking Any Bones)

Some risks might be involved when you play at casinos online, but they generally don’t involve any broken bones. If this slot game doesn’t appeal and you prefer live dealer casino games, you can play casino games online without fear of physical injury on BetMGM by registering here.

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