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Jumanji The Bonus Level Live (Playtech) – BetMGM


This game has so many unique features from the live dealer to the seven different bonus games and wheel spins that it’s hard to know where to start. The live dealer simplifies things, talking players through the complexities and choices every step of the way. The various features make the game feel like a casino table game crossed with an online slot machine.

Bonuses and Jackpots

There’s virtually no base game in Jumanji The Bonus Level Live, as bets on the left wheel, combined with the multipliers on the right, almost inevitably take players into one or any of the other bonus rounds. Each bonus game is unique, with a new screen, new visuals, and new rules of engagement for players. Although this game doesn’t feature a slot jackpot, in all the excitement of the bonus games, players won’t miss it.

Rhino Run: Cash Collect™

In this bonus round, players must choose one of three routes for the rhino run. Each path features six positions, and players play seven rounds during which multipliers, jewels, or cash collect coins either accumulate or are trampled by the rhinos.

Wild Spin

The Wild Spin is a smaller wheel that features the Jumanji creatures. If you can land the hippo, wins are up to 40x. You don’t have to make any choices in this bonus game because it is entirely RNG-dependent.

Snake Bite

In the Snake Bite bonus game, the presenter becomes a live dealer in a casino online-betting-style five-card game of chance. Players choose any of the three of the five face-down cards, and as the presenter turns each one over, they win (or lose) depending on the symbol. The cards feature baskets, antidotes, and snakes. Turning baskets and antidotes will win different amounts, but the snake card will win nothing.

Jungle Royale

In this game, your weapons against the villain Van Pelt are stones, boomerangs, and bananas. Make another choice of one of two gamepads and try to deplete Van Pelt’s health points by throwing these at him, and even increase your final score by 10x if you bring his points to zero.

Monkey Valley

There are three bridges under attack by monkeys, and players must choose a bridge of low, medium, or high risk to save them. The higher the risk, the higher the multiplier, up to 32x.

Path of Jumanji

In this board game, players must choose one of four characters, each a different color with its corresponding dice. A blue monkey, purple crocodile, red elephant, or green rhino moves around the board to get to the game’s center point, according to the roll of the player’s dice.

Saving Jumanji

You can only trigger the Saving Jumanji bonuses during the base game — Path of Jumanji — or the Rhino Run games. There are two tiers: the Saving Jumanji Bonus and the Saving Jumanji The Next Level Bonus, with multipliers of up to 5,000x on offer. The presenter places a precious stone in the center of the panther’s head, which lights up, awarding its RNG payout.

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